Born in pastoral north-central Missouri, Trish Hill Bellington has possessed an irrepressible creative spirit since her early childhood. Over the years she has enjoyed pursuing numerous avenues of artistic expression and discovered a challenging and lasting passion for watercolor painting. She has found that by combining calligraphy and mixed media with watercolor she can better capture the energy and spirit of her subjects.

Trish draws her artistic inspiration from the beauty, bounty, and glory found in nature. She endeavors to express through her art the delight and unique characteristics she sees in even the most common and humble of creatures. (Frogs, turtles, chickens, and sheep are among her favorite subjects.)

She has studied with a number of well-known watercolorists, participates regularly in art shows, and has recently added the title ‘Young Adult Book Illustrator’ to her artistic resume.

Trish currently divides her time between the rolling hills of north Missouri and suburban Kansas City.

“May your eyes smile and may you be blessed,” is her heart’s desire for all who view her work.

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